Communion with God

We were recently given a daily devotional book called Jesus Calling by a woman named Sarah Young.  I do not know much about it but it sits on our coffee table, yesterday I read the entry and it had an impact on me:

I am calling you to a life of costant communion with Me.  Basic training includes learning to live above your circumstances, even while interacting on that cluttered plane of life.  You yearn for a simplified lifestyle, so that you communication with Me can be uninterrupted.  But I challenge you to relinquish the fantasy of an uncluttered world.  Accept each day just as it comes, and find Me in the midst of it all.

Talk with Me about every aspect of your day, including your feelings.  Remember that your ultimate goal is not to control or fix everything around you; it is to keep communing with me. A successful day is one in which you have stayed in touch with Me, even if many things remain undone at the end of the day.  Do not let your to-do list (written or mental) become an idol directing your life.  Instead, ask My Spirit to guide you moment by moment.  He will keep you close to Me.

1 Thessalonians 5:17; Proverbs 3:6

That was a good word.  That is where I want to keep my focus everyday, not in what needs to be done, what I wasn’t able to do, what I should have done better, etc….but in BEING IN COMMUNION WITH MY GOD.  God, the creator of all things in the entire universe,  is the same God that wants to be in communion with me.

A standard I personally try to keep is to live each day “worshiping God as I go.”  This word from Mrs. Young was a good reality check for me, a word that kept all things in perspective yesterday.  I know it was a little mush mush talking about feelings and all, but the truth of the reality we live in and who God is was there…unrealistic fantasies about life, Ultimate goals, false idols, Communion with God.

Every step of my day I want to be asking for God’s Holy Spirit to guide me and comfort me…..from that point I can be at peace with everything that is happening and “let the chips fall where they may.” 

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  1. AWESOME post – just what i needed to hear today. God is so good!

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