Honor Roll!!!

Today was report card day for the kiddos at Casa Robles.  It was a little suspensful wondering how everyone was going to do on the first report card at the new school.  They had exams just last week and always have lots of homework.  Praise God this new school is awesome….they are learning soooo much!  So come midday they were all on the way home and I was waiting with Timo to have lunch with them at Robles.  I called to see if they were close and Mama Angelica asked if we brought any presents because they all did great!!!!  I know she and Yuri were very relieved to see good grades on everyone’s report card….and very proud!

But the best part is Heyler & Freder both made the HONOR ROLL!!!!!  And Andrew who is in preschool got all “excelentes” on his report.  Those three really kicked some booty…..Heyler said his name was on the “Cuadro de Honor” in his teachers class on the wall and in the Directors office too!  Awesome!  We definitely went out and had Tip Top Chicken for lunch to celebrate!

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  1. So glad they are enjoying the school. Tell them hi and ill see them soon!

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