Twin Party!

Krista’s little sisters Johana & Yolanda celebrated their 11th birthday on Saturday.  They wanted to have an Andrea Boccelli birthday party (definitely their mom’s influence 🙂 !!!)  All the ladies were to dress nicely and the men were to wear scarves.  Andrea was playing in the background and we were served Italian h’or devours and glasses of wine (Fanta uva).   We had lots of fun….after cake the girls opened their presents (Elizabeth had taken them shopping) and they put on a fashion show for us all!  Happy Birthday Hana & Lola!!!

Everyone is growing up!  It is kind of crazy.  This picture is funny of Moses the Italian super model!!!  And you can see in this picture with Krista that her little brothers and sisters aren’t so little anymore….they will soon pass us all 🙂

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  1. Happy Late Birthday Girls! Love The Shrode’s

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