Aliyah….our lil’ graduate!

    Aliyah has graduated from Kindergarden!!!  Hip Hip Hooray!  We are very proud of Aliyah and are very thankful for the Kinder Montessori that we found here in Managua for her to attend.  She has learned Spanish, learned how to write, is on her way to reading, is excellent at math….it was such a great last couple of years for Aliyah.  Graduations here are soooooo important and even in Kindergarden they make a big deal….it is kind of fun actually.  A great thing to celebrate.  This next month or so is going to be filled with lots of different graduation parties!

   Her graduation also marked the end of the school year for her and Mason.  The school puts on a big activity with dances and performances.  Aliyah & Mason were both in the same dance and did great.  Mason surprised us both by the way he knew the whole dance and wasn’t scared at all to be up there….I think his buddy Ricardo (who had a fake afro for the show) really keeps him in check.  Aliyah did a solo hoola hoop routine and walked around all the other dancers while they laid on the ground kicking their legs…..I was super impressed she was able keep it going while walking around….it was a fun proud day for mom and dad!

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