A very special day….

   The teachers and staff at Colegio Esperanza wanted to plan a way to surprise Mr. & Mrs. Buzbee to show them how grateful they are for the work and ministry that they have at Colegio Esperanza in La Chureca.  These teachers really are remarkable people, and this was a very special day.

They arrived at the Rancho in the morning,  and we kept the Buzbees away until we found a way to lure them down to the rancho for the surprise.  It was really fun and what followed was totally unexpected and really really touching.  They actually had gifts for all of us.  Each one of them shared how much the school meant to them personally and shared some words of encouragement with us.  It was great!

Then they gathered around us and prayed for our entire family and when they finished, in a very special act of appreciation, they knelt down and washed each one of our feet.  They did it they said to show they loved us, that they felt like family, and they wanted to follow Christ’s example and wash the feet of those with whom they serve.

It was a time that was totally unexpected, and really really something special.  It was filled with the presence of God and made a huge impact on all of us.

It is truly a special group of people that God has orchestrated to work at this school in the middle of the dump.  Praise Jesus that He is doing things His way and making a huge impact on the community of La Chureca!

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