A wedding at Colegio Esperanza

    No there certainly aren’t elementary schoolers getting married here in Nicaragua!  But just recently one of our former students named Romulo has gotten married to his now wife Jerling.

Their story was really something special.  Jerling had been participating with a group of women at the school who gather weekly to pray for the school and their children.  Her and Romulo had never gotten married, and she began to ask about the possibility of them getting married.  Romulo and Jerling approached Sheyla about using the school for a wedding, and we gladly volunteered.  Cecilia, who is the part of our Non Profit board and is a lawyer here, volunteered her services to perform the wedding for them.

So, they invited their families and friends and had a sweet little ceremony under the tent at Colegio Esperanza.  It was a very fun occasion and they both seemed to have a lot of hope for their family.  We were really blessed to be able to be a part of it.  Praise God for this special union!  Please pray for Romulo and Jerling, life here is hard, and La Chureca is a neighborhood with lots of difficulties and spiritual battles.  But we have great hope for them!

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