Big Game on Saturday…

So this weekend Barcelona play Real Madrid in the Spanish “La Liga”.  The equivelant of Yankees vesus Red Sox in the states.  Everyone in this country likes one team or the other.  So on my way over to Robles today I saw a guy selling these huge flags at the redlight.  Of course I bought one each to bring by the house!!!

The house is divided…..Marcos & Freder are all Madrid (Marcos did a rap about it) and all of the others Luisa, Angel, Andrew, Denis, Kener & Heyler are Barcelona!

We are going to have to miss the game because Angel and Luisa are graduating from Preschool.  But who cares when you can wave a giant flag around right?!?!  It was really fun, Papa Yuri and I were cracking up.  Maybe we will find a way to tape it or something….either way, the line is drawn in the sand and the rivalry is set.

I am with Marcos & Freder this year.

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