Christmas & New Year’s travels…

Wow.  We had an awesome trip to the states.  We had so much fun in Miami with Mema and Uncle Matt & Aunt Reina and their boyz and with PopPop (whom Mason affectionately calls the Zoo guy….yep we went to the zoo for sure).  Then we went with Tia and Tio and the Rahal gang up to Jersey to visit Grandpa & Gramma Losi and Uncle John and Aunt Lizzie were there too.  We skied, saw NYC, ice skated, snow tubed, and more….soooo fun!  We haven’t gotten to see all of Chris’s family ever before over the holiday so this was sooooo special!  It was an awesome trip…we did soooo many cool things in Miami and in Jersey/PA….getting to spend so much time with Mema at home, our kids started thinking we moved… 🙂  It was so fun too because we got to see lots of friends in Miami.  Here are a bunch of photos.  I know there are a bunch, but I didn’t blog for a long time…oops.

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