Hangin with the Bachelor…

Krista’s sister Melissa is getting married to Coburn Murray this weekend.  There is a full week of activity and the wedding is going to be at Quinta Havilah (the Buzbee’s place here in Nicaragua) so there is lots of excitement going on.  Today I got to sneak away with Melissa’s brother Brinson and little brother Moses to take Coburn on an outing.  Not sure if you could pull this off in the state’s, especially with a 15 year old but we had an awesome time at the range! (Warning images of very manly men below….the place had some old Somoza era firearms for use…it was cool)  Cobbies showed his stuff and the Buzbee boyz gave him a good time….if only I could add video you would see when he went all Clint Eastwood on the place 🙂  It is going to be a great week!

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