Palmer Trinity School….pictures from the house contruction…

This morning we said goodbye to a team from Miami from Palmer Trinity School.  Like I mentioned we spent the week building a house for a local family.  It was a huge need, and the most amazing thing is to be able to bless someone with a house that would normally take years to finish.  Here are some of the pictures…also follow the link in the other post to Palmer’s Blog.

They had a big party with the kids on the dedication day yesterday, lots of fun.  I made sure to include one picture of me holding a bucket acting like I was working….and another of us perched up directing traffic….the truth must be told (but who are those group members directing with me?!?!?  get to work!!!) hahahaha.

The first picture is of the parent Candidad and Francisco (their children Carlos & Leda are not pictured) and then one of the completed house along with the furniture move in on dedication day.

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