Happy Birthday Aliyah…

Seven years ago we laid down for bed after a big firworks show on the 4th of July and a little bit later were headed off to the hospital and Aliyah was born early the next morning…

We had another show this year with some visiting friends (HAPPY FORTH OF JULY EVERYONE) and Krista had one of those nostalgic moments remembering that night and the birth of our firstborn Aliyah Kathryn Farrington…every year of her life has been precious for us and we love her dearly!!!  She is gettin big!  Seven years old!  Wow!

Here she is at exactly Seven years old 🙂  We had some doughnuts ready for the traditional birthday breakfast in bed…Happy Birthday baby girl!!!!  that other picture is just cool with all the colors (bell bell & Juliette).

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