Casa Havilah…a beautiful baptism

A few weeks ago we celebrated the baptism of Katherine from Casa Havilah.  It was a beautiful moment for a young lady that has a huge future ahead of her.  A couple years ago Katherine was struggling with pretty much everything in her life and things were spiraling out of control.  She left Havilah for a time and really wasn’t doing well.  But not long after, she came back to Havilah, promising to do better and to be of better help.

Soon after Lauren Stoor came down to spend a few weeks interning at Havilah as she has done numerous times over the last few years.  Lauren had a powerful time with Katherine and eventually she accepted Jesus as her savior.  The following year was really special, watching Katherine living in a totally different way…still struggling at times, but changed.  Well this year Lauren was back again and the topic of baptism came up in their conversations and Katherine said she wanted to be baptized!

So we gathered together that weekend, Katherine shared, Lauren shared, and we went into the pool and baptized Katherine….and when she came out we all prayed for her, enjoying the presence of God and the work he is doing in her life!

Please keep Katherine and all of the girls at Casa Havilah in your prayers!  Praise God for the great work he is doing in their lives!


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  1. A real praise to our Lord from the people willing to faithfully walk alongside someone and lead them into to Kingdom. This is so special, wish i could have been there. Blessings to all!

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