Casa Robles….Great News about Angel!!!

So we also took Mason out to McDonalds for lunch for his birthday with a couple of other friends from school and the boys from Casa Robles…..look at this sweet face acting silly in this picture below!!!  ANGEL IS BACK AT CASA ROBLES!!!!

The Lord has indeed heard all of our prayers and has brought lil’ Angel back to Casa Robles.  It started at the Havilah Birthday party a couple weeks ago that we mentioned.  His mom realized that she had actually put him in a more difficult situation, even though she wants to be with him.  She allowed him to spend this last weekend at Casa Robles again and on Monday when Angelica and Yuri were taking him home, she let us know she would like for him to come back.  She actually apologized as well for the way she took him out in the first place, and all that happened.

Yuri and Angelica took the time to pray with her and Juan whom she is living with.  They had a really good time with her and at the end of the day it seems the Lord is making all relationships better and setting Angel up for a great future!  We trust that this was all part of it, and honestly all we want is God’s best for this little guy!

Yuri said it was so cute because he went and told the other boys Angel was coming back and they all cheered….Yuri was like shh shh shh we are standing in their house we can’t be screaming 🙂  It goes without saying they other boys were super excited to have him home!

It was so awesome to see him for Mason’s little birthday lunch!  He is taller, it is kind of wild how in only a few months so much changes.  Thank you all for all of your prayers!

Please keep praying for Marcos, Freder, Heyler, Denis, Angel & Andrew….and for Luisa and Kener too who we still have hope for and are still in contact with.

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