Ruby Ranch…climbing wall Nica Style

A couple weeks ago Krista’s brother Brinson (Ruby Ranch on Facebook) brought a group of men from Oregon out to Ruby Ranch and they built a pretty stinkin’ awesome climbing wall!  These are the first steps towards getting an adventure section for kids up and running at Ruby Ranch.  The wall is next to the first thing Brinson put in….a huge rope swing off one of the giant trees.  That was a little less technical….the climbing wall required some people with know how from the states….the wall is very impressive!

First step is to fell three large trees, drag them out of the woods and set them.


Next step go vertical with planks and install climbing fixtures.

Last Step…try it out!  You can see Brinson and Moses giving it a go! 

If you are making plans to come to Nicaragua and work with kids, Ruby Ranch is a place you will want to consider taking them.  It is a great place to have fun with them as well as spend time investing in their lives spiritually!

Remember to check out Ruby Ranch on facebook for news and updates.

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