Prayer Request….Club Esperanza

IMG_5433Will you please pray with us as this year starts with the ministry in La Chureca?

The year is starting and the families are being moved.  We didn’t expect this to happen as quickly as it has.  We actually expected to be able to use our school for the Club programs including our preschool.  As it has unfolded in the last weeks, we are not going to be allowed to use our school for the club or the preschool.

Please pray that God will help use find a place to begin the year.  We have a piece of land in the new neighborhood, but we cannot run a preschool in the open air, and building something isn’t possible at the time.  We hope to find a place to rent in or near the new neighborhood so that parents don’t have to walk to far to drop off their kids.  And the tutoring programs, lacrosse program, feeding center, and scholarship program can be close enough for the kids involved.  There are possibilities starting to unfold.

Thank you for praying!  God is moving and it is exciting to start this year.  We just need some help to get this thing kicked off!

Here is a fun picture of our new staff we took the other day when we were praying at the school with some of our family that was visiting for Elizabeth’s wedding (missing is the kitchen staff and guards, but this is the core).  Also a picture of the piece of land we have in the new neighborhood.

One thing we will be able to do is play soccer!  I love that 🙂

Thank you for your prayers!

IMG_5429 IMG_5331

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