Tutoring Program at Club Esperanza

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   This week we started the tutoring program at the Club.  Over 200 children signed up so we were expecting a large crowd and we got one….the kids kept coming.  The purpose is to provide a safe place for students when they are out of school to come and do their homework or get help from a tutor if they need it.  We are also very blessed to be able to offer a feeding program to all of these children as well, including our preschool. 

   It was a great first week.  Look at some of the pictures, there are faces you will recognize.  On the first day we got a donation from Westminster Christian School of school supplies and seven collapsible tables…the tables arrived just in time!

IMG_5798 IMG_5802

We are really looking forward to this program.  It will provide a great outlet for the Lord to reach into the lives of these children who do have serious needs, and really minister to them.  Please keep praying for the future Tutor Positions we are trying to raise funds for.  These Tutors will be what keeps everything going and are essential for the program to work well.

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