¡Feliz Dia Patria!

Tomorrow is “Dia de Patria” in Nicaragua.  All of the schools have activities all over the country.  There are marching bands, flags waving, children dressed in cultural attire, parties, songs, dances….it is a fun day for the country!  A day of national pride!

IMG_1561 IMG_1543 IMG_1484

At Club Esperanza we had a fun time with the Preschoolers who came all dressed up.  Mason’s school did the same.  Freder & Heyler from Casa Robles recited the National Anthem and National Poem at their school.  Here are some fun Photos from the day.

IMG_1488 IMG_1516

It will be a weekend of fun and parties.  Some of the children from Casa Robles and Casa Havilah will be visiting their families, so please keep them all in your prayers during visits home.  Thank you!

IMG_1548 IMG_1506 IMG_1486 IMG_1556IMG_1551 IMG_1497IMG_1528

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