Club Esperanza: Do you believe in miracles…

 Jesus miraculously fed more than 5,000 people with a little bit of bread and a few fish.

And in ten days the Lord has provided $26,000!

Jesus loves these little children!  Amen.

We are overwhelmed with joy and excitement and thankfulness to all of you who were able to give, who shared this need, and who shared our burden in prayer!  I smile because this has been such a wide reaching effort that we really could not have imagined happening the way it did! …Thank you everyone!

  I keep saying to myself, “I can’t believe it”….but its not true, I CAN BELIEVE IT!

I believe in miracles.


IMG_2659 IMG_9303 2 IMG_2602IMG_9327 IMG_2707

We are going to get things in order next week, and sign the papers for the Club.  The seller has given us a grace period to get the funds organized and sent down to Nicaragua.  But we are on the same page…Club Esperanza belongs to the Children from La Chureca!

God Bless You All!!!

Thank You Again.

One Comment on “Club Esperanza: Do you believe in miracles…

  1. Woo Hoo!! Our God is an awesome God who indeed loves the little children. ALL the children of the world. So happy for you guys.

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