Signed, Sealed, Delivered…

We want to say a HUGE thank you once again to all of you who helped us complete the purchase of the Club Esperanza property!  It was absolutely amazing to see the Lord work through all of you to help us to secure this property for the children and families we have worked with for all these years from La Chureca.  Thank you to all of you who continuously prayed for this endeavor as well!

It was so awesome to get that first push ten days before the deadline…”it is a no brainer that God wants to do this, so I am gonna plant a seed and get this ball rolling” was the direct quote.  Then we put out word on the blog and facebook, then ten days later we crossed the finish line on the day of our deadline!

The seller gave us a grace period with no late fees to get all the funds in order and on Tuesday of this week we finished the process….Amen Thank you Jesus!

IMG_2695   IMG_2707  IMG_2687  IMG_2659   IMG_2604


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