Building Homes in Nicaragua pt.2

This spring we also hosted a team from Westminster Christian School in Miami.  We have received a student led Spring Break team from Westminster for the last three years.  Three students from the school were on a trip with Christ Journey Church on a family missions trip and went back to their school, created a missions club, and put together a trip to Nicaragua that year to build a house.  This has been a torch passed from student to student and this year an entire new batch of High Schoolers gave up their Spring Break to come to Nicaragua for this missions trip.

Every year the students put together the fundraisers, and this year their 5k run allowed for enough funds to be raised for them to come down and build a house!  Yes another house, Praise Jesus!  To be around the family on the last day, when they are standing in their new home with the young people who helped build it, is a very special thing to be a part of.

Fun construction photos:

    IMG_0224  IMG_0225

   IMG_0234 IMG_0236 IMG_0243 IMG_0235

The students also put together an awesome fundraiser for the preschool students at Club Esperanza.  They bought each of the 98 students a brand new beautiful children’s Bible, plus one for each of their teachers.  Then they went to the student body at Westminster and asked other students who weren’t coming on the trip to go out and buy items to fill a gift box for each of the kids who were to receive the Bibles.  It was so much fun to present these gift packages at Club Esperanza.  Every single one of the kids had huge smiles on their face.  We love moments like this where we know the Lord is blessing a child and reaching out into their lives to love them and draw them closer to Him…Jesus does indeed love the little children of the world.

IMG_0208 IMG_0207 IMG_0205 IMG_0199  IMG_0196 IMG_0195 IMG_0204

This last month was exciting!  We are so thankful to get to live our lives in a way that allows us to be a part of such life changing times.  Thank you to all of you who support our family as well.  God is so good!

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  1. Great pictures of your progress and wonderful smiles!

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