Mother’s & Father’s Day fun…

These activities are big time down here in Nicaragua, especially Mother’s Day.

As a father, I love my children.  I wan’t to be everything they need!  I know I am flesh and will never be able to meet all their needs.  So, I pray for them and I ask God to be everything they need right now and into their futures, even though I find myself these days wanting them to stop growing.  I love holding my little girls hands inside of mine, they are beautiful.  I love throwing the football and kicking a soccer ball with my boy…skinny as a rail but he is quick!  It doesn’t escape me that I am blessed as a father, so I thank Jesus every day for that…Krista and I both do.

We hope you all had great days celebrating Moms & Dads!

Bella’s fun little Mother’s Day Show

   photo 6 photo 7 photo 9

Crammed into a little room to watch the show with all the parents…what should parents do?…take a selfie I suppose…


Casa Robles had a special Mother’s Day event we got to go to…you can see that parents rushing forward with cameras is International…Marcos got up there and sung a solo for all of the Parents…he is fearless!

IMG_9579 IMG_9584IMG_9578 photo 11

The Little Buzbees put on a Mother’s Day show too…they are all growin’ up!

photo 10

We stopped by and visited Mrs. Margarita too!  She is well into her 80s and doing well…she is faithfully taking care of her sister Ruby’s house since Ruby passed away.  We still have great prayer meetings at Miss Ruby’s house!


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