Happy 4th…Oh Happy Days…

Happy 4th of July America…we lit up the sky down here in Nicaragua too.  Thank you Uncle Brinson and and Uncle Moses for making it an awesome show!  We had some friends from out of town, Casa Havilah, Casa Robles, and even some neighbors came over with their out of town guest.  Happy Birthday U-S-A!!!! 

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Oh Happy Day, You’ve washed my sins away…before our fireworks extravaganza we had an awesome Spirit Filled baptism at the pool with five of the girls from Casa Havilah.  Jaquelin, Pamela, Keren, Marielena, and Naydelin all have wanted to get baptized and Mamma Jenny suggested we have it here at the Buzbees.  It was so awesome; words from Mr. Buzbee, prayer for each of them, their individual testimonies that had tears in everyone’s eyes, and the presence of the Lord was there with us in a powerful way as each one was baptized.  This is a powerful moment for them in their lives.  Their individual proclamation that they believe in Jesus and also the work that God is doing in their lives personally.  Healing and liberating in deep ways.  Praise Jesus!

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Oh Happy Super awesome summer Intern!!!….We have had the greatest pleasure to have Anna-Bel Chambers join us this summer with our Narrow Gate summer internship here with Open Hearts.  To say she is awesome would be an understatement, such a blessing to our family and to the crazy ministry going on here in Nicaragua.  If you have a chance, check out her blog (CLICK HERE) to get some of her summer perspectives…

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Happy Days, Mema is in Nicaragua!!!…Mema (Chris’s Mom…can’t you tell?!?) is here visiting from Miami, we are so thankful that we live close enough where we can have our family visit.  The summer is fun and exciting, but with Mema the fun quadruples!!!

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Happy Day the Murrays are in the house!…Melissa, Coburn, Cobbies & baby girl Murray moved down to Nicaragua in July.  Ah it is so fun to have them back down here, our kiddos are already looking for Cobbies all the time.  Baby Murray is due in September and if you want to keep up with Murray news check out their sweet website or click here for their recent newsletter.  JuJu has got her little bud to hang out with 🙂

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Happy Happy Happy Birthday to our baby Girl Aliyah!!!…We always remember her birthday during the fireworks shows on the 4th of July because that night nine years ago soon after hitting the sack the fireworks started again and Aliyah was born early the next morning.  We are really starting to experience that “our baby is growin up” and as sad as it is on the one hand, on the other it is so sweet.  She gets things, she shares with us, she loves the Lord and reading his word, she smiles and yells alot, she is indeed growing up and we so look forward to our baby girl’s future.

Krista, all the Aunties & Grammas put together a spectacular Anne of Green Gables  “picnic on the green” Birthday Party.  Aliyah, some friends and her younger Aunties all got gussied up in old bridesmaid dresses and had Tea under the Grapefruit trees.  If you didn’t know where we were you may have thought it was on set from the movie…it was so awesome!  Aliyah loved it.  Mommy is so great at making their birthdays fun!

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If you got all the way here to the bottom we want to say thank you for caring about us and praying for our family here in Nicaragua.  Thank you for your prayers over the different ministries as well.  God is good and has been moving in special and powerful ways over the last few months.  We are grateful that His Spirit is with us and is moving…that the Lord’s Kingdom would come and will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

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  1. It is always wonderful to read your updates and see pictures of the family and the work you do there in. Nicaragua! You live in one of God’s special corners of the earth. Left my heart there last summer, but carry the light of. Jesus wherever I go. Grateful for your love of the people there!
    Many prayers and much love,
    Shelley Harwell (my back was healed by the power of prayer and the healing hand of our Lord and Savior) Praise be to God!

  2. thanks for the update and all the great pictures…I just love keeping up with your family and all of the activities and ministry you are involved in!! Love to everyone, Lori

  3. The Farringtons are AWESOME! In fact, ALL the Buzbee family and spouses/kiddos are AWESOME!! Thank you for hosting Anna-Bel this summer- she had a wonderful time! God bless you all as you serve Him – what an incredible ministry! 🙂 xoxo

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