Ruby Ranch…Bridge Preservation & Citrus Plantation

There is news to come from plans at Ruby Ranch this summer; camps, constructions, agriculture endeavors, bon fires, cliff climbing & Geronimo slides.  We’ll look forward to telling those stories throughout the summer, but wanted to share some of the recent happenings first…

There is a small bridge at the entrance to the Double R and we needed to reinforce that bridge to prevent land erosion.  Krista’s brother Brinson, innovator extraordinaire, devised a plan with Chele (Ruby Ranch’s foreman…click for his facebook page) and here is the end result….Go Big or Go Home baby!

photo 3 photo 4 photo 2 photo 5Looks good right?  Hundreds of bags filled with earth, stacked high and wide and then covered with cement mud to create the perfect retention wall.

Also, in a step towards developing some production at Ruby Ranch, Brinson planted some of the acreage with a citrus grove.  Please pray for good rains and giant fruit!!!  Here is the grove at its first stages….rows and rows of baby citrus.

photo 6


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