Casa Robles….starting a new year!

We appreciate all of your prayers for our little Casa Robles family.  Mama Angelica and Papa Yuri received all of the boys back last week and it seems that they all had a great time with their families for the Christmas holiday.  It was almost miraculous, on the date and at the exact time that they were supposed to be back…they all showed up one after another as if they all got off the same bus.  It is the first time this has happened like that.  This is a good sign for this year with all of them.  We are really looking forward to the year!

A continued prayer request is for little Luisa.  Her mom is once again wavering on bringing her back.  It is really hard because their situation is very bad, but her mom always is torn around this time.  This year it looks like Luisa may be leaving us after 6 years.  We have to trust God with these situations, but it is hard.  Her grandma, aunts, everyone in her family wants her at Robles, but her mom is the key.  In my spirit I don’t feel like it is completely done with Luisa, but as of now she is not coming home to Casa Robles.  But, we will see what God will do.  So please keep praying for her.  We will keep you up to date.

All of the boys came back telling stories, some of them pretty crazy about their time at home.  Marcos went out into the sugar cane fields to work after he and Denis had to go stay with their aunt up North after their family had a big fight in Managua.  Freder’s mom found money in a bag when she was sorting trash in La Chureca, so they had some good Christmas gifts.  Andrew and Heyler have older brother’s who have girlfriends now and all of them were piled in one small house.  It goes on and on.  They are all happy to be home at Robles.  Angel said “ah now I can sleep peacefully” and they all slept until around ten for the first few days!  No more sharing a bed with a few other people.

Everyone went and visited their school for enrollment.  They had fun visiting their teachers and seeing everyone.  Next to the Principal’s office were banners with all the best students from last year.  Freder and Heyler were 3rd and 4th in their class, Andrew and Luisa were 2nd and 4th….and the biggest surprise, Denis was #1 in his class from last year!  So awesome!  Only one thing was odd, the teacher spelled Andrews name “Andrea” LOL…so we will have to tell them he is not a girl for next year!

IMG_3406We bought a new printer for the school year and all the kids were excited about that!  God is good and continues to provide.  This private school has been a huge blessing for meeting their educational needs!

The costs is $750 per child for tuition, uniforms, school supplies etc.  That is for the entire year.  If you would like to help with their education you can find donation information here.  Just note “Casa Robles” in the memo section.  

Thank you for all of your prayers and support for this great ministry!

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