Miracle Man…

In a break from Nicaragua news, we want to take a second and share the link for our friend Brett Parks’ new book. Brett was nearly killed almost two years ago coming to the aid of a robbery victim in Jacksonville, FL. We were in desperate prayer for weeks, asking God to give him life.  You may remember us asking you to join us in prayer for him here on our blog.  He suffered greatly as a result of his heroic courage, but he is living his life as a testament to God’s salvation. The hospital dubbed him “Miracle Man” in his recovery and Brett tells his story in this new book; his spiritual journey with the Lord through this time, how Jesus sustained him, and how he is living his life to glorify God amidst a difficult tragedy….”beauty from ashes”.

We hope you will Pre-Order his book, as a supportive effort and to be encouraged by the incredible story he tells.  Praise Jesus!

You can preorder it here on Amazon.com

Miracle Man

This photo on the cover of the book is a X-ray of where the bullet is still lodged in Brett’s body just near his hip joint…that 9mm bullet tore apart his large intestine, his kidney and the major artery that delivers blood to the the lower part of his body.  Doctor’s called him Miracle Man because his survival chance was not even .000001 percent.

We are very thankful to Jesus, that we still have our friend with us, that we get to visit him and his beautiful family; Susan, Jason & Stella who was born months after Brett was shot and he was still in the hospital recovering…God is so good!

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