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thumb_IMG_2829_1024    Earlier this month we had our friend Hillery Schanck back in Nicaragua with his pastor and another brother from their church in Virginia.  The idea was to have a short trip focused on development of young men.  This worked out perfectly and we spend the weekend investing on the boys…eh hem young men… at Casa Robles.

They brought down a personal Spanish/English Bible for each of them and the layout of a Bible study focused on their lives as they are growing into young men.  These men shared about the value that each of them has in the Kingdom of God as “pearls of great price.”  They shared about the trappings of this world and how it will beat you down and try to force you wear a mask hiding your failings and insecurities.  Then finishing with the victory and freedom for Men that we have in Jesus.  Victory to live our lives in spite of our failings.  To live our lives to honor the Lord.

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What a great message for our guys!  They all ate it up…in fact it was surprising how attentive they all were, especially being boys.  As we all know boys can be crazy, but they loved it.  And they loved their time together with the gang.  We went to Ruby Ranch, played soccer at the house, had ice cream out, went to the beach together…when we stopped by the house on the way to the airport to say good bye and pray together one last time, it was hard to keep tears back.  A sweet time with the Lord.

Our hope is to have a lasting impact on the lives of each one at Casa Robles.  Weekends like this are a Huge part of that.  Praise God for memories they will never forget and a lesson that will impact them for the rest of their lives!  amen.


If you would like to donate to Casa Robles please do so here.  We are only able to keep these rescue homes open because of the generosity of others…so thank you for that!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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