El Gran Torneo Futbolin…

IMG_3052We have gotten into our “Summer Vacation” and there is some down time as we wait for Graduation Ceremonies and Christmas parties as the school year comes to an end.  So, the other day we decided to have some fun at Casa Robles.  Earlier this year you all “donated some fun” to Casa Robles and it was time to put that Foosball table to some good use!  It was time for EL GRAN TORNEO FUTBOLIN!!!  Isabella was my beautiful assisant…we created teams of two with one big kid and one small, game on!

The competition was intense and everyone crowded round the table to watch the action.  It was no fun for the teams that went out early…actually it was fun all the way until the end.  These kids (and adults) can get serious about their foosball!  We had eight teams to start.  Then after the early rounds and our brief water break sponsored by CocaCola, Diana Palomitas and IronMan 2011…we got to the finals.  “La Aguila Roja:  Moses and Angel” vs. “Los Dragones: Lola and Andrews”.  Though the competition was fierce with tight games all throughout, La Aguila Roja pulled away with a 10-4 victory!  We had a blast…it was the perfect way to spend the afternoon…vacation time in Nicaragua!

IMG_3054   IMG_3060

Champions of the Inaugural Gran Torneo Futbolin

La Aguila Roja


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