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About a decade ago Palmer Trinity School from Miami pioneered into a nearby community named Chiquilistagua and built a home for a family in need.  Every year since PTS has sent their students to Nicaragua to build a Mercy home for a family in need during their spring break vacation.  What a great way to spend a vacation for a young person….helping somebody!  And the help is absolutely amazing.  It is always miraculous to witness a house go up in a week….a house that would take a family seven years to save up and build!  It is so overwhelming for the family receiving the house…the wife is crying, the husband is crying, kids are crying, the group is crying…not gonna lie the tears well up pretty easy when you are dedicating a house to someone in such need.  Praise Jesus, it is a wonderful time and a great thing to be a part of!  Palmer is also intentional on building up the entire community with skills training and education over the year, so it is fun to see familiar faces come to visit from the community and spend the week helping build the house for someone else.  


We are also so very thankful every year for PTS’s investment in our ongoing ministries here in Nicaragua.  Taking the time to visit the kids at Club Esperanza and serve lunch, taking all the kiddos from Casa Havilah and Casa Robles to the soccer stadium to play, and then at the end always giving generously with an attitude of “hey whatever is left here we want to help you all bless the kids.”  It was a great week…and we look forward to the next team that will come in March!

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