New Computer Lab at Club Esperanza…


You may remember last year when our friends from Austin Samaritans in Texas came down to Club Esperanza and donated 10 Netbook Computers (story here).  Back then, we mentioned that we would like to open a computer lab at Club Esperanza to help further our students opportunities for education and advancement.  Well, this past week our friends were back and they made it happen!  Not only did they support the effort financially, they came down and build the shelving themselves, installed electrical and air conditioning, as well as painted the room and varnished the desk!

The world is shrinking and technology is allowing young people from all parts of the World to see things from a greater perspective.  There are so many great opportunities for learning on the web and we do not want our children to be left behind!  This computer lab is going to give them access to the world.  But even more than that we hope to help them to develop the basic computer skills that will give them a real advantage in their future careers.  I am talking about the basics like being able to type correctly on a keyboard, use word processors, and be able to do advanced research on internet resources.  This lab is going to really be a great asset for all of our kids.

We are so excited about this new gift to Club Esperanza!

If you would like to help with the future of the Computer lab please email us at  There are items we would like to fund such as hiring a computer lab monitor, upgrading our technology, the monthly electrical costs, software updates, changing the door to the room for one with glass windows, etc…

You can give specifically to the Computer Lab by following this link and noting “Club Esperanza Computer Lab” on your donation.  

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