Club Esperanza: Studying Abroad from the USA


We want to say a special thank you to these two college Seniors who have spent the last six months living here in Nicaragua and working at Club Cristiana La Esperanza.  They elected to finish their University studies overseas and lived with one of our teachers as a host family during their time here.  They taught English class, tutored the children at Casa Havilah and Casa Robles, put together an ethnography report on the surrounding community and basically were hands on in whatever was needed during their time here.  Zero complaints and lots of hard work…pretty awesome by two impressive young women!  

As they finish this week  and head home, we send them off with our prayers and blessings.  We are thankful for all their hard work and expecting the Lord to do great things in their futures.  On their departure they wanted to make the lives of the teachers they have grown to love over these months better, so we went shopping.  They wanted to use their funds to really leave a blessing, so they bought 10 “Crayola Lego” tubes, hundreds of dollars of school supplies, six new preschool tables, and more…nearly $1,500 worth of blessing.  It was a huge surprise to our staff and a huge blessing from two young adults wanting to make a difference for the lord!

Thank you for your time and dedication Kyleen and Rachel, may God richly bless you!


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