Walakitang: Plantains, church growth, training…


Pastor Victor made the journey to Managua to meet with us about the church in Walakitang and happenings along the Rio Coco.  This trip he was accompanied by Pastor Earl Bouy who is the regional Pastor for Verbo Church on the East Coast.  Earl is a remarkable Man of God who does a great amount of work for the Kingdom of God in Nicaragua; the church, major orphanage and schools, micro business loans, community development and more.  He is based out of Puerto Cabezas on the North East coast of Nicaragua.  It was a special moment to all be here together at the Buzbee’s missionary compound and we had an sweet time of prayer together!

Small churches are being planted along the Rio Coco and Victor is now overseeing churches in nine communities.  Praise Jesus.  Here are the names of all of the churches, would you please pray for them?

Andristara, Tabra Tani, Siskiaris, Kantingne, Pura Mira, Lakusta, Raiti, Somopipi, and Walakitang 

Sustainability by planting:  Because of the remote location of these churches and the economic difficulties facing every family, Pastor Bouy has begun a new project to help sustain the churches as well as individual families.  “Platanos” or Plantains in English.  The church is delivering the baby Plantain trees to trusted individuals in the communities 1,500 at a time.  They are planted on the owners land.  Then, at harvest half of the harvest is given to the farmer and the other half is sold to help sustain church ministry in the community.  It is a great idea and and we look forward to see how the Lord uses and blesses this harvest!  Over 20,000 baby tress have already been producing….praise God!

Pastor Victor and Jorge (a church member from Walakitang) brought two full stocks all the way from Walakitang as a blessing to us…we used them to feed the masses here that week!


I would also like to share some of the future news that can use your prayer as well in the coming months.  At the end of June there will be a pastoral meeting in Puerto Cabezas where all the churches will meet and organize themselves, so please pray for the Holy Spirit’s leading.  Also there have been the beginning works of feeding centers at each town, so that is also an exciting development for the future.

Thank you for you continued prayers and support for Walakitang and the rest the Miskito communities along the Rio Coco!

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