Mason broke his leg again…**Updated**

We could use all of your prayers right now for our little Mason.  Yesterday afternoon just as he was getting back to feeling good and moving freely, he slipped and landed weird while playing outside with Bella.  His bone broke again in the same place as before.  This time it is much worse and displaced.  We are going to have to take him in for surgery tomorrow morning to place rods in his tibia, which will allow it to heal straight.  Then he will be in a cast for one month and another surgery to remove the rods in three months.

Please pray for Mason, and for our family too.  It is pretty disheartening to go through again, but Mason is quite the little guy.  He reminded us  yesterday when we were on our way home from xrays and doctors “I told you two times, God has a plan and it is going to be alright.”  I guess he could see and hear our concern.  Mason is a both loving and strong little boy, and even 8 years old it shows.  We do believe what he said to be true and are hoping and praying that in the end his bone will be straight and strong!

Thank you for praying for him tomorrow morning and as he recovers!

These are the moments that we also need to ask for help.  Previously his injury cost was $500 and we were able to handle that.  But this surgery is going to cost more than ten times that.  With both surgeries it will be in the range of $6,500.  So, if you have ever been burdened to or just wanted to help our family personally, this is a time of need for us in that regard as well.  We more than appreciate it.

We are just gonna keep walking forward and trusting the Lord.  Thank you for all of your prayers and support…we need them and we feel them.  God is good, all the time!


Thank you so much for all your prayers love and support this weekend!  It was a real trial for us but God is so good and Mason is doing well.  Gramma & Papa did double duty at home and hospital with our whole gang, friends down here stepped in to help, and everyone’s covering prayer!  We could feel it, Mason handled surgery like an Oak Tree and was definitely stronger than mom and dad!  Here is a picture of the damage and Mason reacting to it with Dr. Mario.

Certainly the hardest moment was saying bye as he was wheeled into the operating room.  It seems so strange because it was just his leg, but the unknown can get the tears flowing.  The operation went well and the Doctor is pleased with everything.  The craziest part was recovery from the anesthesia.  Mason got the worst side affects I think.  He was nauseous and vomiting which was no fun, but again he is so chill and handled that well.  Things got wild the next morning because the other side affect was an inability to urinate.  So, the doctor had to use a catheter that night to drain his bladder.  Super painful!

Then, the next morning he was supposed to urinate again on his own before we could be released from the hospital.  Well Mason was in so much pain it was wild!  Like a scene from a movie; tears, yelling, kicking his legs up crying out in pain.  That was for about an hour and a half.  Just as doctors were telling us about another catheter, another night in hospital, therapy for his bladder if he couldn’t go to the bathroom….he broke through the dam and was able to pee.  Not gonna lie, we just let him pee all over the place and told him keep going till it is all out!  Krista and I looked at each other teary eyed from relief.  Mason immediately said with a big smile, “Are you proud of me daddy?  Can I play with my legos?”  Just 5 second earlier he was writhing in pain.  It really was so crazy to see how quickly this horrible pain was relieved.

We are home now.  After the initial wave of pain, the night actually went pretty well.  Mason has settled in, covered in your prayers.  Again thank you so much for being with our family.  We meet with the doctor again on Thursday.  It is three to four months with these pins and then another surgery to remove them.  We will take it one day at a time.

Mason’s sisters, Gramma and the Barons made for a cool homecoming!

     Thank you again for all the prayer, love, and financial help for our family.

It was a crazy weekend.

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  1. That’s pretty amazing you guys. Thank you for the update! The visual of “we just let him pee everywhere” is hilarious, and also TOTALLY understandable 🙂 Love you guys! Have you in prayer often.

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