Uncertain times politically…Nicaragua

Another Presidential election is happening in the United States this fall.  It has become quite the interesting race, to say the least.  Elections seem to get lots of attention every four years and are always entertaining.  It is pretty incredible, the way this has happened every four years for over two hundred years in the good ol’ U S of A.

Here in Nicaragua we are due for Presidential Elections this fall as well.  Unfortunately our Democracy is less than 40 years old, and if you think it is craziness in the United States this time of year, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Times are uncertain here in Nicaragua and we covet your prayers for this country that we love.  It is our home.  I say uncertain, but it is actually certain that Daniel Ortega will be elected president for a third consecutive term in November.  We do have a creeping dictatorship.  Thankfully, for now everything has remained peaceful.  Through the changing of the Constitution, heavy handed voter registration, and various “pactos” with his political opposition, Ortega is here to stay.  Through the revitalizing of public parks and spaces, distribution of homes and tin and livestock, and other social programs, many people have been affected for the good.  Ortega has used his government to do these good things, which is wonderful!  My concern is, if there is a threat to this consolidated power, what will happen?

From my perspective as a Christian, I know that power is a huge temptation for any human being.  Once given, it is not easily passed on to next person.  As it stands now in Nicaragua, one family has fastened themselves to that power.

In the build up to this election, about a month ago all of the legislators who were forming opposing political parties to run for President were removed from their positions as law makers and replaced.  An unprecedented action.  In a time of year where political propoganda is usually EVERYWHERE, there is nothing.  It is pretty shocking.  And then most recently there was the news that Ortega was announcing his wife Rosario Murillo to run as his Vice President.  Again unprecedented.  (here is the news article)

Here is another article about “Why we should care…” This article is written by a Socialist American who moved to Nicaragua years ago, excited about Ortega’s election in 2006 and the Socialist movement across the Americas.  He used to run an informative website for Ex Pats in Nicaragua sharing all of the current events and political stories to an English speaking audience.  It is not a Christian perspective but worth reading if you have the time and want to understand the situation better.

We are not fearful or worried, because we believe in a God who is eternal and infinite, not limited by any government built by finite human hands.  But, we do seek God for Nicaragua and want the best for this great little nation!  So please join us in prayer this fall.  Pray for the political situation here and ask God to make things right and good for the sake of His children in Nicaragua.


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