Summer Newsletter: Baptism, Robles Van, Ministry fun, family fun…

Happy Summer Days…we hope this blog post finds you well and not too sun burned!  We would like to share our most recent newsletter with you.  Please take some time to read it…some easy summer reading 🙂  Thank you for your prayers and support!

Farrington Summer 2016 Newsletter (click to open)

Fundraising Update: We’re excited to share that we have raised $19,455 of our $25,000 goal!  This is a matching campaign for our ministry centers here in Nicaragua.  Every $1 donation is being matched with a $2 donation as part of this campaign!  We are so close to the goal, Praise Jesus!

If you would like to make a donation as part of this please click here

Below are some fun family update pictures that we couldn’t fit in the Newsletter…Love from all of us and we pray safety and God’s blessings on the rest of your summer!

Early July was celebration time….America’s birthday and the next day Aliyah’s!

Many of you have been praying for Mason’s little leg and he is doing well!  In the most recent Xray, we could see that his bones are fusing correctly.  He got the cast off a month ago and for the last week has been able to walk without crutches.  His second surgery should be in late September.  So, please keep praying for perfect healing and safety as he walks…and runs 🙂

On Mondays we make an effort to fast as a family and as a ministry.  When we are able, we gather together and take communion in the evening.  It is a chance to intentionally set our goals and dreams, our petitions and prayers before the Lord.  If you are ever able to join us on Mondays, we would be really blessed and encouraged by that.

Monday Communion Time...
Monday Communion Time…

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  1. I love seeing stories of humans helping humans, so please, keep up that work! If you can, I’d humbly suggest using a spell-checker. Maybe grammarly would work on this site? (I’m not sure.)

    Also, please, for the sake of her name, take Aliyah to Jerusalem sometime. 🙂

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