Some Tallahassee Lovin’…

We had a great time a few weeks ago with our friends the Clouds from Tallahassee, FL.  They came down with a couple of friends to get their butts whooped in the Nicaraguan heat!  Ok just kidding, it is hot here but I have heard that summers back home are brutal.  What we lack in Air Conditioning here in Nicaragua, we make up for with a cool afternoon breeze in the shade and the occasional night time storm that cools it down.


We spent most of our time with the boys from Casa Robles, having fun together.   We took them out to pizza…which gave the opportunity for some adults to climb into the kids playground LOL!  We saw a cool dinosaur park together, and had a grill out at the beach.  All great and fun things to do together, aside from the sting ray.  That is another story.

IMG_8313  IMG_8312 2

In the midst of the fun, there were some really special times riding in the van and visiting in the house.  A real solid connection has been formed over the years.  So, it was just enjoyable catching up and hearing stories about life.  Of course the boys had fun showing off the English skills they are learning at their new school.  They sung us some songs that we didn’t even know all the words too…in English!  We laughed a lot and prayed a lot.  We prayed about the futures of Angel, Andrew, Denis, Heyler & Freder.  There are so many great possibilities for these boys.  We are looking forward with lots of excitement!

IMG_8308  IMG_8309

Of course we couldn’t let them get out of Nicaragua with out doing some manual labor! Down at Club Esperanza the bathroom wall had been getting some harsh treatment over the year from some of our kids just “being kids”.  It was time for a once over to cover up some of their unsolicited art work and signatures!  There is nothing like a little bit good sweaty work painting in the bathroom of a school for 300 kids 🙂

Thank you all for being such faithful partners with us here in Nicaragua!

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