Big Need at Casa Robles: Our Van has broken down again…

We mentioned a couple newsletters ago that we were needing to buy a new van for Casa Robles because it is constantly in the shop and it is over 15 years old.  Well, unfortunately late last week it broke down again.  I am not sure if you have ever had a mechanic show you that there is oil in your radiator, but I sure have never had oil in my radiator before!  And I know we didn’t put it there!  🙂  Turns out the van has some major engine issues where oil is passing into the radiator….bad news.

This van is essential for the boys and losing it makes life very difficult.  Papa Yuri drives them to school every day, soccer practice and soccer games, school events in the evenings, church on Sundays, and then just the regular every day moving around.

Getting a new van will cost between $17,000 and $19,000.  It is a big need and a big expense.  Please pray with us for the funds for a new van!  

If you are able to help towards this please contact us via email, OR you can make a donation through our blog (click here).

We had a fun day this past Friday with everyone.  The boys did phenomenally on their report cards.  So, we all had lunch together at Casa Robles and went to the video arcade at the mall for a reward!  We had to borrow a van, but Praise Jesus we still had fun…of course!  God really is so good and is always reminding us how much he loves these guys!

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