Spring Newsletter…shouts for joy!

Thank you for your interest in our ministry here in Nicaragua.  In our Spring newsletter we share some of our happenings the last few months…great things that brought “shouts of joy and songs of praise!”  Click the link below to have a look…

Los Farringtons – Spring ’17 Newsletter

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“They” say that if you want people to read something you need to include something beautiful or share some great wisdom.  So for this blog post to get your attention we are including wisdom and beauty personified!  Gigi turned 87!!!!


Flattery aside, it is a true blessing to have Gigi (our kiddos great grandmother) in our lives.  She endures the Nicaraguan heat with us, prays for all of us constantly and is always up for a visit from one of the spanky gang!  She is both beautiful and wise 🙂

We love you Gigi…Happy Birthday!!!


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