Summer Fun: Tallahassee Crew


Mrs. Mary Register brought a crew down from Canopy Roads Baptist Church in Tallahassee, FL. this summer to work with Open Hearts.  The agenda was packed with a remodeling project in Los Brasiles, a couple of Vacation Bible School events in Los Cedros and Monte Fresco and a trip out to Ruby Ranch to help finish planting trees on Chapel Hill.

Out in Los Brasiles it was makeover time for one of the classrooms at Club Los Brasiles.  Painting walls….and painting floors?!?  It had to be done, it was actually sealing the tiles and as funny as it was, it was a huge help! 🙂  Then, shopping for new books and stocking the shelves for the children when they got back from summer vacation.

For many years now, Mrs. Mary has been hosting summer VBS events in Los Cedros and Monte Fresco and this year the team returned to lots of smiling faces and kids ready to go for a day of fun learning about Jesus.  There was a miscommunication in one of the towns and the kids weren’t there in the morning, but a quick walk through the neighborhood and all of a sudden it was a packed house!  These types of days impact the children and their memories for years to come.  It is really really fun.

Then on a day that the crew had some extra time, they decided to make the most of it and volunteered to head out to Ruby Ranch and help finish planting rows of trees to give shade up on Chapel Hill.

Thanks so much to Canopy Roads and all of your all’s help!  We loved having you down and loved the times we got to spend in the Lord’s presence together.  Praying together at Miss Ruby’s house was such a good time too!  God Bless!


Thank you also to everyone who has been reading our “Summer Fun” blogs.  We are so grateful for your support and your covering of prayers!  We may not get every single event out on our blog but hope you enjoy reading what we do post.

God bless the end of your summer!

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