Summer Fun: …Family Fun!

Coburn, Melissa and all the Murray cousins came to Nicaragua….FOR THE WHOLE SUMMER!  And Aunt Ebi was here too!  The summer can be a busy time with lots going on, lots of great Jesus glorifying things!  But, probably the best part is that we get to have family fun together in the middle of it all!

We got to enjoy time with the Murrays all summer long while they were hosting summer teams.  It was COUSIN TIME from sun up to sun down.  Most days started with Papa blowing his shofar at 7a.m. and all the grandkids from all over the farm yelling Alleluia.  And then it was “can I go see Cobbie?”  “Can I go to the rancho and see Adelyn?” “Can we go to Aunt Lala’s house?”.  Oh it was so much fun, and we know for sure that this type of time together is a real gift from God.  These are times we will all remember forever, especially our kids.  Running barefoot all over Quinta Havilah and having their Papa laugh at all his “free range” grandkids.  We celebrated Mother’s Day with Gramma, a few summer birthdays, and we even snuck in a birthday party for Lilah even though she isn’t quite 1 years old yet 🙂  It was soooooo fun!  Aunt Ebi was able to come down early in the summer from Raleigh too.  She was hosting and coordinating the medical team from Florida State University.  So, all the cousins got to tackle her when she came home every day after clinics…ok maybe not literally tackle her 🙂

We just had to include our family fun in these Summer Fun blogs.  It really was a special time to spend together!  Thank you Jesus!  We do so appreciate your prayers and support for all of us and our big ol’ family.  Here are some photos of the crazy little ones…


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