Summer Fun: Big news at Casa Robles!


Andrews and Angel have been a part of our extended family at Casa Robles for almost their entire lives.  Angelica and Yuri are affectionately their Mama and Papa here in Nicaragua.  We are all part of their family too, they call me Tio Chachi and know us all as part of their family.  Well, over this last year their family has extended even more with the Cloud family.  The Clouds have been involved in ministry with us for a number of years now and always loved all the boys at Robles.  Last year they began to feel the Lord asking them to give these boys a chance to live in the United States, go to school there, and be part of their family.  Over the last year the Lord worked out details for Angel and Andrews to be the ones to make this journey.  It was a bit of a “long suffering” process as we needed to have patience throughout the detailed process and let the Lord work things out in His perfect timing.

That perfect timing was evidenced in what happened a week and a half ago.  Over the past year we had gotten things in order in Nicaragua and on the U.S. side.  The boys biological parents were on board.  Our family, Mama Angelica and Papa Yuri were all excited about what this opportunity with the Clouds was going to bring to their lives.  The Clouds had made exciting preparations for the boys and were overjoyed to invite them into their home and their family in Florida.


We had things as prepared as we could, but expected set backs.  We didn’t realize how quickly God would work.  The Clouds got here on a Saturday.  We had Nicaraguan visa appointments.  Then we had the big appointments at the embassy for the boys Student visas.  There were lots of documents to sign and things to have in order.  There was so much that could go sideways…but everything went perfectly and all of a sudden the boys were “leaving on a jet plane” by the next Saturday!!!  It was such an amazing thing to be a part of…..definitely an awesome part of our “Summer Fun”!

We are so excited to see what God is going to do for Angel and Andrews in the years to come.  They are going to become bilingual, they are going to get a great education, their entire worldview is going to change.  Even better they are going to continue to be loved and cared for as a part of God’s beautiful extended family!  And the excitement of what they will become in the future is so exciting!  We are praying for God to continue to grow them into young men of God.  That they would be know as “Oaks of Righteousness”… “Robles de Justicia”, as it says in Isaiah 61.  We pray they will become young men who will affect the future of Nicaragua and the world!  Amen.


You can see in some of those pictures above that Angel and Andrew got there first test at language when they all went through Immigration together.  Then they got to fly on a plane for the first time.  Then the flight crew was so nice to them and the Pilot actually let them sit in the cockpit….they got their wings!

Please keep Angel, Andrews and the Clouds in your prayers this year!


We also ask for your continued prayers for Denis, Heyler and Freder from Casa Robles as they continue their schooling here in Nicaragua.  They are gonna miss their Casa Robles brothers but are also excited for Andrews and Angel.  We hope and pray the Lord will do amazing thing in these boys lives as well…and any others the Lord would bring into our care.  Praise God for the good things he is doing at Casa Robles!

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God Bless from Nicaragua!!!

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