“Emergency Packs”: Round Two complete…

Last step of the Packing Process….in super fast motion!


“God is our refuge and strength, a very present

help in trouble.”  Psalm 46:1

This past week we completed Round Two of delivering Emergency Provision Packs during the crisis we are living through here in Nicaragua.  We made sure to have some fun in the packing process and it has been a whole family effort!  We made deliveries to Ruby Ranch workers, teachers and staff at Colegio Havilah, FCA in Nicaragua, and a few other individuals.  It really can’t be overstated what an impact these packs are having…with tears of thanks flowing at every delivery we pray together for Nicaragua!


Here is our packing and delivery crew, we got the young guns on board and made sure to have them do all the lifting…I am injured so I “had” to be the supervisor LOL!  Each of these packs need two people to lift them, they are heavy!  We were curious as to how much each one weighed, so we had to boys weigh them and they are 108 lbs each!

As we completed round two we have packed and delivered 8,640 lbs. of provisions that will provide 2-3 weeks worth of food to 80 families.  PRAISE JESUS!!!


If you would like to donate to help us keep delivering as many packs as the Lord allows here is the button to donate a pack through Paypal…as many as we can, amen!


Emergency Provision Pack

Provide two weeks worth of food for a family of six in the event of a food shortage.


Deliveries to Colegio Havilah:

Many of you who have come down over the years know Colegio Havilah.  It is a school that we helped to start over ten years ago with Pastor Manuel and Pastora.  We contacted them about delivering Emergency Packs and they were incredibly grateful!  It has been very tough out where they live.  Pastora shared about the hardships their teachers are having.  They can’t travel into the market in Managua because of the violence.  This means they are not able to save the money they usually would by shopping in the central markets.  Buying food locally can be as much as 30% higher.  That has put a major strain on all of their salaries.  That along with all of the stress of what is happening in the nation as a whole, everything has really been hard on them.  But they keep serving the Lord with joy for all of the students that come to school every day.


She shared how the previous month when they celebrated “Dia de Maestro” (Teacher Appreciation Day) she had a burden to give a food pack to each teacher.  It was a desire in her heart that she felt was from the Lord, but they were just unable to afford it and couldn’t do it at the time.  As she was talking tears filled her eyes.  She looked over at the pile of Emergency Food Packs and she said, “Today the Lord has fulfilled that desire he put in my heart to care for my teachers.”

Ya’ll it is awesome.  Thank you so much for helping!  As we said good-bye we prayed for Nicaragua together.  Asking the Lord again for a miracle…as quickly as things got bad, we pray that they would get better again…it will take a miracle.  Jesus we ask you for that!


Ruby Ranch and FCA:

The men who work out at Ruby Ranch live under very similar circumstances to our friends at Colegio Havilah.  Being able to deliver a three week food supply for their families was an incredible blessing to them all.  Our contact with FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) came by and picked up the packs to take and deliver.  He had some harrowing stories to share about the families he was delivering to.  They were severely affected by the recent killings at road blocks and the robbery and detention of civilians that have been happening.  Having lost everything they had just earned, two of those families will need to open the Emergency Packs right away.  It was heart breaking to hear the stories.  We are determined to deliver as many of these packs as we can!


Thank you for your continued prayers for safety and protection of our families!  We are serving the Lord in the middle of this storm and honestly it is difficult at times.  Mostly when we hear stories of horrible things happening.  But as the scripture says, “The Lord is our strength and our song” and so we will serve Him with all of our strength and worship His Holy Name with every breath we have in our lungs.  Amen!!!

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One Comment on ““Emergency Packs”: Round Two complete…

  1. Standing with you in prayer to our God Who is more than able, for the miracle you desire!! God bless your efforts, and keep you, every one, in the palm of His mighty hand!

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