Walakitang: Church is growing…

With all of the chaos going on in Nicaragua over the last three months we lost some of our communications with Pastor Victor. But yesterday he made contact to us from a port city and shared some encouraging news. They are doing well and the Lord is blessing the church movement on the Rio Coco. He sent this video of last weekend’s church service. Praise Jesus!

I did laugh a little watching the video. Everyone must have been wondering why Pastor Victor was walking around with his cell phone! I don’t imagine he was wearing black and discretely filming from behind the drummer like some of the bigger churches in the world today :-). Even though I am sure he distracted someone I really was moved deep in my Spirit seeing the video, recognizing faces and knowing God is moving in people’s lives!

Victor said the church continues to grow, just last week he baptized three new Christians. So encouraging! In this remote little village on the Rio Coco people are coming to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Eternity is so much more important than what is happening in the right now…and eternity is being affected by Pastor Victor and the church in Walakitang! Amen.

This is a sister church in the village of Somopipi that Victor sent a photo of.

Another sister church in Adestrada

Please keep praying for the Spirit of God to move on the Rio Coco!

If you would like to give financially to support the churches there you can do so here. (Click photo below to donate via PayPal)

If you would like to know more about Walakitang use the search option on the side tab and search “Walakitang” for previous blog posts. For some history and details of our work in Walakitang click here.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

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