Casa Robles: Prayer request for Fredder…

This week we will find out if Fredder is going to be able to go the US next year to study.  Will you please pray this week?  There are two important foreign embassy appointments and approvals needed.  Our friends The Schancks who have known Fredder and the Casa Robles gang for the last five years have opened their home to him for this amazing opportunity.  They are awesome friends and will be a wonderful family to Fredder!  If all goes well this week he will be going to Norfolk Christian School as an international student with a Student Visa starting in August!   

Shcanks visit…Fredder up a tree

Prayer Request:  This week there are two key meetings.  First is an appointment tomorrow (Tuesday) at the Costa Rican Consolate Office to apply for a Visa to travel to Costa Rica this weekend.  Please pray that the Costa Ricans give the Visas for Fredder, his mom, his grandmother, Mama Angelica and Papa Yuri.  Then even more important is his US Embassy appointment next Monday in Costa Rica.  After months of paperwork and approvals, this appointment for an F1 student Visa is the final step…please pray that Fredder gets approved and can return home with the Schancks!

Fredder is in the middle

Why Costa Rica?  Because of the deadly political crisis we are living in right now in Nicaragua the US embassy has been closed indefinitely to any Visa applications besides emergency situations.  They stipulated that any US embassy in the region will be able to process special Visa Applications.  So, God willing….Costa Rica here we come!  Please do keep praying for Nicaragua and shedding light on the situation here.  Here are two English Language reports that can shed a better light on the deadly crisis we are living in.  (“Now This” English Video Report; Washington Post)

Carley Schanck with Robles crew…

We are very excited for Fredder’s life and feel that the Lord’s hand has been entirely on this opportunity to go study in the U.S.  He will develop incredible tangible skills like speaking English fluently which will greatly benefit his future.  But he will also continue to grow under the covering of a family that loves the Lord and will love Fredder like the Lord loves him.  We feel like God’s purposes will reveal themselves for Fredder’s life as these years unfold….and we are excited for his future!

Fredder at Christmas Dinner…

“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'”  -Jeremiah 29:11

Thank you for your prayers!  

Chris & Krista

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  1. How exciting for this little guy! We will be praying! we continue to pray for you guys and the whole situation there in Nica.

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