Delivering Beds in the Barrio…


It can really be a stunning experience to enter into a home here in Nicaragua.  It is not something that I get to do very often because at Club Esperanza we have lots and lots of families who come to the Club.  We typically end up meeting there and doing different things in life together.  Earlier this month we went house to house delivering beds, and like I said it was a stunning experience.  Poverty can be overwhelming and when you are welcomed into a house that a family of five lives in and you realize most people back home wouldn’t have this house even as their tool shed…it brings out a lot of emotions.


And you ask, what can I do?  Lord….what can I do?!?  The answer is not always the same, because God will call you and move you to act in so many different ways throughout your life.  But during this day, God said deliver beds!  Do you know why?  Because all these smiling joy-filled faces share a bed with a few other siblings…or even with mom and dad.  And to have your own bed is something awesome!


Our friends from Georgia had an awesome burden a few years ago when they entered house after house and saw children sleeping with three four and five siblings in the same bed.  “Mission For Nicaragua” delivers bunk beds house to house wherever there is a need!  This week I got to join their team from Ohio and Georgia to deliver beds in our neighborhood near Club Esperanza.  Again…it was awesome!

We had such a wonderful time with each family.  We surprised them with the bed thanks to our teachers at Club Esperanza doing some leg work ahead of time.  We assembled the bed in their homes and let the kids jump on them and pick to be on the top or bottom.  As we said good bye, we prayed for the Lord to bless the family, to bless the children who sleep in the bed, and to be the reality in the families’ life that they can go to for all of their needs.  Ask God for everything that you need!  Amen.

It was an awesome day!  Praise Jesus.


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Two guys on the team, Harry and Tommy play football for Ohio State University.  We have known Harry for a number of years and he has started to bring down fellow students and teammates to serve in Nicaragua with us here.  It was so fun for Mason to introduce Denis, Elery and Maryel from Casa Robles to them on Sunday at church…because they are HUGE!  I know these guys covet your prayers over their lives, but also for the future work they have in Nicaragua…God glorifying things!


Harry making Mason feel like he is Huge! 🙂

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