Casa Havilah: Happy Birthday Naydeling!


We had a big party at the beach on Saturday for Naydeling’s 17th birthday.  Our gathering may have been a bit larger than ten people, but we have all been in quarantine and are like one big family.  It was a fun break and the ocean is such a beautiful place to be.  You can see in the pictures that Mama Griselda from Casa Havilah did an awesome job decorating with all the girls.  They went out in the morning to set it up as a surprise for Naydeling!  It was really really special!  They invited the boys from Casa Robles too, so Mason got have some homeboys to play with!!!

As our children in the homes are getting older we really covet your prayers and love for them.  Getting through high school is a daunting challenge in Nicaragua.  Then there are all of the other added factors that each of them deal with in their home families.  It can be very trying and hard.  But the Love of God, and people who love them can allow them to make it through these teenage years and have a good life as young adults and beyond.  So thanks for being with us for each of the kiddos!  Can you specifically pray for Naydeling (17) and her brother Denis (15) this month?  Thank you!


The party at the beach was so much fun!  The girls got some old surf boards out and gave a try at the waves.  We had soccer balls and footballs on the beach.  Really, just sitting in a chair and listening to the ocean is great!  Mama Griselda and Mama Jenny made a huge meal for us all.  I already mentioned the beautiful decorations…the rancho at Costa Azul looked awesome!  It was a very nice time to be together.  God is good and we keep walking in faith in these troubled times…celebrating the good things when we can!!!


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2 Comments on “Casa Havilah: Happy Birthday Naydeling!

  1. Oh this fills my heart with delight! Some of my most precious moments from the summer I spent with you all are from the week the Narrow Gate girls and I spent at Casa Havilah. I remember each one of the girls including Naydeling and have pictures of her, but she has grown so much now. I praise God because I remember talking to Chachi once about how none of the children in either home had remained there after turning 15, but now Naydeling is 17 and Denis (HE IS SO GROWN UP!) is 15! I pray the both stay, that the Lord has mercy on their families and blesses them abundantly. I pray for wisdom for the Mamas and Papas at these homes and for joy to overflow even in the times when raising young ones and teenagers all together is really hard.

    Thank you so much for sending this update and the pictures too! It made me smile 🙂 – Franchesca


    • Thank you Franchesca! We miss you down here and will pass on your saludos to them both…than you for praying! We will look forward to your alls trip down when the Lord cleans up all this Corona Virus 🙂

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