Sand Box at school!!!

We’ve made some improvements at Colegio Esperanza.  First thing was to fill in the floor in front of the kitchen.  We have tons of movement there and wanted to get a floor down before the rains come.  Sheyla (school director who most of you know) had a great idea of putting sand down around the little kids monkey bars.  We can’t put things kids will throw so mulch and pebble type material was out, so sand was an awesome idea.  We have  sand box now at Colegio Esperanza!!!!  Awesome!

The other important thing was to put up another line of barbed wire.  Last week we had three drug additcts scale the wall and come into the school disturbing the day.  They were really disruptive and wouldn’t leave, we had to call the police and file a report.  So we got a new row of serpentine on the back wall.  It looks so barbaric, but we need to protect the integrity of the school….it can not be chaotic there.

There are some other big needs at the school.  We need to fix the big tarp in the back area that is our meeting area for mourning devotionals, holiday activities, etc.  I forgot to take a picture but if you’ve been to the school it is the big tent around back.  We would also like to put up a small inexpensive roof and floor out back so the “Reinforcement Tutoring Students” have a place to study with their tutor that is away from all the other activity in the front of the school.

The Lord provides for this school over and over.  So we know these things will get done.  This is a refuge for these children….a place where God is impacting their lives!  Amen.

If you would like to donate to the school you can follow the link on the right side.  The monthly cost is $9,270 not including projects like these.  Thanks mucho!

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