Constucting our casa…

…actually an addition.  Krista & I have been praying about this for over a year now and we arrived at the point to make a decision to start construction on our house.  We are a family of five living in our two bedroom house which we love.  But we knew something was going to have to happen sooner or later.  I hesitate to say what we “plan” to do, because things can always change in a heart beat.  But we do plan to be here in Nicaragua for a long time and we plan on our family to continue growing.  God has encouraged us in many different ways and through many people.  He has made it possible for us to get started so last week we made a huge hole!  We plan on turning our bedroom into a family room and building rooms for us and the kiddos off of that….all in the direction of that  hole….it looks like an RPG hit the side of our house!

We appreciate your prayers through this.  We are going to take it one phase at a time and build as we can.  This first step is the foundation.  Even though it is going to be time consuming and maybe exhausting in the midst of everything else going on, we are really really excited about this.  We are on a crazy adventure and this is part of it.  Praise Jesus!

3 Comments on “Constucting our casa…

  1. Woohoo, so excited for you guys!! Miss you all, hope to see you agian soon

  2. Looks awesome! Where will Buddy terrorize everyone now?

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