Piñata…before & after

Poor Poor Diego cousin of Dora….he didn’t stand a chance against two dozen kids with a wooden stick!!!  By his sacrifice many smiles and much laughter was made, and lots of pockets full of candy….we remember you Diego…R.I.P.  🙂

So last night was Hayler’s 7th birthday party, which meant it was party time at Casa Robles.  That is his little brother Andrews in the “after” picture.  Their grandmother and two of their cousins came to the party which was really fun for them.  It was a wild night of music, piñata, cake, candy, kids running in circles, hot as an oven, dinner, and fun fun fun.  Here are some more photos of Diego meeting his end.

A Big Happy Birthday to Papa Yuri also!!!  We celebrated his birthday yesterday too with Hayler because next week is Semana Santa and everyone will be home visiting family.  This is the biggest holiday of the year in Nicaragua….please be praying for all of the kiddos during this time….it is an important time with family, but also a sensitive time too, mainly because of past abuses…..so Please Be Praying for all the kids of Casa Havilah & Casa Robles.  Pray for a good visit with family and for safety…that the Lord would keep any evil ones away!  Thank you!

This last picture is so funny because Mason was so intent on helping Papa Yuri get the cake table back to the kitchen….can’t you see he is helping 🙂

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