Gigi’s famous easter bunny cake…

…and the dun dun dun Egg Hunt!!!  We had a great afternoon with friends and family celebrating Easter with Moses’ baptism and remembering Jesus’ Resurrection!  We also busted out some good ol’ tradtions…..Krista’s Gramma has made a bunny cake on Easter since she can remember, and now our kids will always remember Gigi’s bunny cake too!  And of course we had to do some egg huntin’!  It was a wonderful day….we hope all of you had a great Easter Weekend!

This was the egg that was the hardest one to find, it was so funny to see them all pass by it time and again….Lola finally found it…..can you see it???  It is funny how sometimes we spend lots of time looking for things and there it is staring us in the face….Happy Easter!

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