Nature Land….

So there has been much going on these last couple weeks and blogging has taken a back seat….hopefully we will catch up on some ministry news soon.  But in the mean time this morning something else happened, and we are now going to call our blog Nature Land 🙂 hahahaha

Have you ever held a Humming Bird?  Well this morning we saved one from the cat.  It was trapped in the house and the Buzbee’s cat was eyeing it/stalking it.  We saved it and our kids got the unique chance to actually touch a humming bird.  Pretty Crazy!  Nature Landia!!!

If you look really close at that last picture you can see the lil’ guy flying away….we are all still looking at my hand but it already flew….they are fast!

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  1. looks like fun! how are you guys? Jeff and I have been thinking and praying about the possibility of heading your way with a few of our kiddos in the next few years. . . hmm. . . would be wonderful to see you and join in the work God is doing through you there!

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